Worktops that Don’t Show Fingerprints

When selecting any kind of furniture or fixture for your home, there are a number of questions you are bound to ask. One of the main concerns we all have is care and cleaning. When an item will most likely require a fair bit of maintenance or cleaning effort, we tend to look for an alternative. Fingerprints are not dirt or stains but they can make it look like you have not taken the time to clean your home.

Hygiene is essential in any kitchen which is why we always want to see clean worktops. If you see worktops covered in fingerprints, it can make you wonder if your meal was prepared in clean conditions. Now, fingerprints are not necessarily a sign of dirt but they just have that subconscious effect that makes us cringe. So, since you cannot avoid them and you cannot wipe your worktops every five minutes, what can you do? For starters, you can make sure that you choose the right type of worktops!

First things first, choose a lighter colour stone. Just like wood and even the paint on your car, darker colours show more imperfections than lighter shades. Compare a black car to a silver car, for example. Which one looks dirty first? The black one of course! So, lighter shades are the way to go when it comes to furniture and worktops too.

Secondly, think about the way your worktops are finished. Now use the example of printed photographs. When you handle a photograph printed on glossy paper, you need to be extra careful not to touch the photo or your fingerprints will show up. With matte photos, this is not so much the case. Sure, if your hands are greasy, then you will leave prints behind. Generally, however, matte surfaces are not nearly as prone to fingerprints as glossy ones. So, instead of that lovely shine, choose matte instead.

Finally, never underestimate the power of veining patterns! The veining pattern will also help conceal fingerprints. This is because multiple shades and patterns make it tricky to spot imperfections.