Dedicated Worktop Areas for Different Purposes

While some homeowners like to use a single type of surface throughout their kitchen, there is a new trend to consider. Natural stone is a popular worktop surface but it’s not easy for everyone to afford. Especially when you have a large kitchen. It’s also important to remember that different types of stone suit different purposes which means that mix and match is proving to be the way to go!

Marble is the kind of natural stone that bakers love! This is because it has a wonderful way of maintaining a cool temperature and this is excellent for rolling out pastry. So, if you enjoy baking on a regular basis or even if you like to make your own pie crusts, this is a must have feature in your kitchen! Choose the perfect spot and make sure that your marble is not too close to your stove or oven or it could cause the stone to warm up (even slightly) when cooking.

Quartz is another popular choice and it’s often paired with the butcher block area. Wood is ideal for chopping since stone can chip and scratch. Quartz is great for accompanying your butchers block since it is a composit stone and less prone to damage and stains.

It’s worth considering pairing marble with quartz while also including other practical elements like your butchers block. Not only will this make your kitchen more functional, but it will also help you keep the costs as low as possible when purchasing new stone worktops for your kitchen.