Stone Worktops

Limestone is a soft sedimentary material mainly composed of tiny crustaceans. Generally light in colour with some shells and mineral deposits still evident within the material. Beautiful in both colour and texture, it can be used in most rooms throughout the home. Limestones and sandstones are very simple stones to maintain as they do not require any specific care for cleaning them. Widely used in outdoor applications, they tend to have good resistance to damp and weather inclemencies.

  • A soft sedimentary material
  • Light coloured selection
  • Ideal for outdoors
  • Highly heat resistant stone material
  • Long lasting colours with fossils texture
  • Easy to maintain
Text: Long lasting colours
Text: Easy Care & Maintenance
Text: Heat and fire resistance

Limestone Worktop

Limestone worktops are used in various home projects, including the kitchen. The elegant and restrained limestone kitchen worktops, in certain varieties like cream limestone, are commonly used in homes to give a highly exclusive feel.
Limestone worktop - gris catalan satino
Limestone bathroom - mocca

Limestone Bathroom

Limestone is used in the bathroom to make countertops, shower surrounds, wall cladding, etc. Limestone is also used in creating a mosaic flooring in the bathroom.

Limestone Outdoors

Limestone possess a series of characteristics that gives them highly-valued properties in construction for the cladding of house or bulding facades, their high bending resistance allows thicknesses to be reduced, making structures lighter. Making this stone ideal for exterior wall tiling and patio floors.

Limestone outdoors - wall cladding