Bathroom countertop and style trends

Bathrooms are not what they used to be and there are some amazing trends that every homeowner should consider when renovating or designing their bathroom. Many of which are trends that add luxury and they make this room more than just practical.

Lighting is vital in every room of your home. In your bathroom, you might not need bright lights everywhere or at least not all the time. Dimmers are great for when you want soft lighting while soaking in the tub. Brighter lights can be focused around the hand basin area too.

If you want to add some technology to your home, don’t forget about the bathroom! Many people install televisions or music stations in their bathrooms to create a relaxing atmosphere or to make sure that they don’t miss out on the news.

As for the worktops and colour schemes, white is the number one choice at the moment. Some might say that white bathroom worktops are difficult to keep clean. This is a common misconception and white is also a great colour to suit any colour cabinets! So, no matter the colour scheme you have chosen for your bathroom, you can be sure that white stone surfaces will look great. They might blend in or create a stunning contrast. Either way, you have a winner! And a timeless one at that.