Best Worktops to Pair with Grey Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets come in a wide variety of colours. Choosing the right worktops for your kitchen will depend on your cabinets as well as other colour and style factors in the room. Firstly, if you are planning on replacing your cabinets as well as your worktops, make sure that you don’t order one without planning the other. Once you find the perfect worktop and cabinet pair, then place your order.

If you already have grey cabinets and they are still in good condition, there is no sense in replacing them. Instead, it’s best to look for the best quality stone worktops that will suit the colour of your cabinets. Grey might seem like a tricky colour to “match” but there are more options that you might think. The one thing you might want to avoid is trying to match your cabinets and worktops so that they have the same or a similar shade of grey. Contrast is far more effective in terms of visual appeal, not to mention much easier!

So, while avoiding a shade of grey that resembles that of your cabinets, you can still choose to go lighter or darker. Lighter worktops can be white or a very light shade of grey if your cabinets are darker. Alternatively, a darker worktop option would be to opt for stone that is almost black or charcoal in appearance. Sometimes, if you choose a stone like marble, you may notice that some of the veining will actually match the shade of grey of your cabinets. So, even though the worktops are significantly lighter, they still contain elements that match the cabinet colour.

Some colours that you might want to avoid, apart from a close match to the colour of your cabinets, include stone worktops with a touch of red, brown, or yellow. If you insist on adding some other colours, consider stone worktops with a hint of blue. That said, you will also need to add some similar blue elements here and there to ensure that your worktops do not seem out of place. Your flooring, for example, can be replaced to achieve this.