What’s the difference between marble and granite?

Both marble and granite are popular choices in kitchen and bathroom countertops. They are both beautiful, elegant and durable which is why they can both fetch a fair price. However, if you are trying to decide between the two, you will need to consider what makes these stones different from one another rather than focusing on their similarities.

Marble is not as dense as granite and mostly composed of calcite. This means that these worktops will be quite sensitive to acidic substances like lemon, vinegar, ketchup and wine. Should any substance spill on your marble countertops, it is important that you clean them up immediately and thoroughly. Prolonged exposure to such substances will increase the chances of being left with a stained or dulled surface. With the right care and maintenance, however, you can most certainly enjoy marble surfaces for a lifetime at least.

As for granite, it is far denser than marble and therefore harder as well. Granite is less susceptible to stains, acidic substances, scratches and heat. Its greater durability often means that it is a winner in kitchens. With so much chopping and food prep going on, it’s no wonder why. If, however, you still wish you install marble in your home, you could consider adding a butcher’s block in your kitchen as a main food prep area. Alternatively, you could stick to granite in your kitchen and use marble in your bathroom where the countertops are less likely to come into contact with acidic substances.