Granite worktop myths

When purchasing granite worktops, it’s important to understand the nature of this natural stone as well as the kinds of limitations to expect. Just like any other type of stone, granite is associated with several misconceptions. Being aware of these misconceptions will help prevent unrealistic expectations.

While granite is tough, many people mistake this toughness for absolute heat resistance. Despite the durability of this material, you should never place a hot pot or pan directly on it. It can, at least, leave an ugly mark that cannot simply be wiped away.

Another myth is that granite will not stain easily. If you seal your granite, it will be more resistant to stains. However, you should always do everything possible to prevent spills and, if need be, clean up spills without delay. Some even believe that you cannot chip or scratch this stone. Again, if you cut straight on the surface, it will result in a dull knife as well as a scratched worktop.