Suitable granite colours and types for your bathroom worktops

When selecting the perfect granite worktops for your bathroom, homeowners should consider more than just the price. Colour and quality will also play a large role in the decision-making process and not all granite slabs are made equal!

It is important to note that there is no general grading system when it comes to granite and each retailer will group their products according to their own in house grading system. This means that a low grade stone at one retailer might be classified as one of higher quality at another retailer. This is why it is so important to shop around and compare quality as well as price. Lower grade granite will contain more soft materials mixed into the stone and there will be less colour variation. Mid-grade granite usually has more colour options as well as more detail in each slab. High end or exotic granite offers home owners true unique beauty with the most luxurious options of all. Higher grade granites will also prove more durable so, while they will cost more, they will also better withstand wear and tear.

Thicker slabs are also synonymous with higher quality and they are far more durable. As for colours, green and beige are quite common which means that they won’t cost as much as rarer options like blue, red and purple. Some colours, like red and brown, tend to be tougher and more difficult to cut than other colours which is another reason for their higher price.

Choose the stone that will suit your needs as well as the design of your bathroom. Smaller bathrooms usually do better with lighter colours whereas large bathrooms look great with countertops that contrast the colour of the cabinets and other fixtures.