Granite Countertops Knowledge

Natural stone countertops are made of numerous kinds of natural stone such as granite, marble, limestone, onyx and travertine. Granite countertops are a durable material and are resistant to scratch and stain. They play an important part in both inner and outer decor of homes, buildings and monuments.

Natural stones are available in many colours, designs and styles to suit any client’s needs. Specifically, granite countertops show the beauty and originality of the natural stone and are easily maintained and cleaned using quality cleaning agents. Granite countertops add lasting beauty to your home with almost effortless upkeep.

Installation of granite countertops must be done accurately and perfectly; installation is a critical issue to consider. If the countertop is not set perfectly, it creates pressure points and can lead to the stone cracking under constant use. 

Granite shows many beautiful variations. You can choose from little stones, patterns with crystals or solid black. The most common granite countertop shades are the creams, beiges and browns. They usually blend with any kitchen decor as they are neutral tones. Green granite countertops, though less popular, are affordable and bring a light, natural colour to any kitchen. Recently however, blue-toned granites have become a favourite among homeowners due to the ability to blend with almost any colour scheme.

Granite is considered to be a luxury item and will add resale value to your home. Educating yourself on the options and costings for both initial investment and lifetime value will be an effort most worthwhile.