What colour natural stone should you choose for your bathroom

When it comes to designing the perfect bathroom, it goes beyond space management. The size of your bathroom will help determine the type of décor and the colours you should choose. In some cases, a more subtle approach is best and, in other cases, it doesn’t hurt to entertain your bolder side.

Different types of natural stone worktops are available in different colours. If you are shopping for a particular colour rather than a specific type of stone, then it will be that much easier to make your choice. Of course, if you are partial to a certain type of stone, then it mean that you will have to accept the options available. Some popular stone worktops to choose from include marble, granite, slate, limestone, and quartz. Each of which has its own list of benefits and drawbacks. The stone you choose will depend on your personal needs, lifestyle, and budget.

In terms of colour, if you are specifically looking for dark worktops, then black, dark gray, some shades of brown, and even green might be to your liking. The key is to ensure that the colour of your worktops is echoed, even subtly, somewhere else in your bathroom. From guest towels and drapes to wall tiles and floor tiles, there’s always a way of making the colours in your bathroom come together. Another tip to remember is that you should make sure that your cabinets and other fixtures are not too dark if you install dark worktops. Light-coloured worktops look great on white cabinets or you can choose darker cabinets to help the light stone really stand out.