Current natural stone trends

Each year welcomes new trends in all
areas of our lives. Home décor and design is certainly no exception.
While natural stone has been popular for decades, the way this stone
is used, can vary from year to year. Here are some trends to look out
for this year.

Accent walls

Stone might have been used for work
surfaces and flooring in the past, it is becoming increasingly
popular as a form of wall décor. Stone is an excellent addition to
your bathroom and it will turn an ordinary part of your home into a
truly luxurious space.

Bedroom décor

Stone fixtures are often used in
kitchens, bathrooms, and various communal areas. You can, however,
add some extra class to your bedroom by installing a stone accent

Black and white

This colour combination has proven
popular and fashionable for many years. It truly is timeless. While
some may like to install white stone worktops along with black
cabinets and other black features in the room, others prefer black
worktops with more white elements in the room. Another option is to
install stone worktops that include both black and white.

Highly humid areas

Stone is not only visually appealing,
but it is also practical in rooms where humidity levels are high. At
first, homeowners used stone to line the walls of their shower.
Today, however, the use of stone has extended to all four walls of
the bathroom. Now, when you have a shower and there’s plenty of steam
in the air, you don’t have to worry about the water penetrating your

No matter the trend you choose to
follow this year, one thing will never change – the importance and
value of quality. When installing natural stone in your home, make
sure that you never settle for anything less than the best. This is
an investment after all.