When to replace your bathroom worktops

Your bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in your home but it is also one of the most frequently visited. Not only will you and your family use your home’s bathrooms on a regular basis, but so too will your guests. There’s nothing worse than a bathroom that appears unhygienic and old worktops can have a terrible effect on the way your bathroom looks.

If you have wooden worktops in your bathroom, it’s important to check them regularly for water damage. Wood has a habit of absorbing water and even if you don’t splash your worktops, the steam in the air can still cause worktops to swell.

Another good reason to replace old worktops is if they have been damaged. Scratched, burned (by hot items like curling irons), or chipped worktops often need to be replaced. If you already have natural stone worktops in your bathroom and they have become scratched, you should ask a professional about repairs. Chips can leave sharp edges and they should be repaired urgently. If the stone slab has completely cracked, replacement is most likely necessary.

When considering replacement, there are two important factors – hygiene and safety. If your current worktops present a problem in either of these areas, replacement is the best option.