Limestone worktops FAQs

Limestone is a popular choice for many worktops in homes around the world. Like other types of natural stone, homeowners choose limestone for several reasons, including its elegant appearance. When you install limestone worktops, you can be sure that your room will enjoy an entirely new sense of style. Of course, it’s not uncommon to have questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

How durable is limestone?
Limestone, like any other natural stone, is known for its strength and durability. Limestone is a sedimentary rock and it consists largely of calcium carbonate. Limestone is not the hardest of all natural stone varieties but it is considerably more durable than other non-stone worktops.

Is limestone expensive?
Durability, quality, and style always come at a higher price than inferior products. Limestone is cheaper than some other types of natural stone but it will set you back more than worktops made from less durable materials.

Can I install limestone worktops myself?
Countertops can always be installed by the property owner. Of course, professional installations are recommended for best results. Limestone slabs can be quite heavy and you will need special equipment and supplies to ensure the perfect fit. Professionals have all the tools and experience to get the job done perfectly and without causing nearly as much inconvenience.

Can limestone become damaged?
Limestone is tough and can withstand a great deal of punishment. Although it does not break easily, damage may occur as a result of negligence. Limestone worktops should be sealed after installation and on a regular basis to protect the porous surface from stains. Avoid cutting directly on the stone or you will scratch the surface and you will end up with dull knives too.

If you have any more questions, it’s always a good idea to ask your limestone retailer before placing your order. Find out just how you need to maintain these worktops in order to get the most out of your limestone worktops.