Understanding granite seams

Granite worktops can be cut to just about any shape and size. That said, if your work surfaces are large
or if your kitchen has an “L” or “U” shape, seams will be necessary. Although necessary, seams need not be an eyesore. While they will not be completely invisible, there are steps that can be taken in order to make seams less obvious.

If the idea of seams bother you, it’s good to remember that the colour, pattern and texture of your worktops will help determine how noticeable they are. The darker the worktops, the less visible the seam will be. Some patterns also help conceal the seams quite effectively. Plain slabs do not hide seams as well.

Another important point to consider is the location of the seam. It is best to ask your stone worktop supplier for their professional advice in this regard. They will know how best to cut the slabs so that the seams do not stand out too much. In addition, structural stability needs to be considered. The location of the seam will affect the stability and strength of your worktops. Obviously, this is extremely important and one of the reasons why seams are often located in visible areas.