Stone countertops versus other materials

Designing your new kitchen or bathroom can be a time consuming process but it is worth taking your time in order to make the right decisions rather than the hasty ones. Worktops for kitchens and bathrooms come in a variety of materials. Of these natural stone is becoming increasingly popular.

Natural stone worktops do cost a fair amount more than other materials but they are also known to improve the aesthetic appeal of the room as well as the overall value of your home. Natural stone worktops come in a wide range of colours and each type has its own list of pros and cons. Some are more durable than others and, accordingly, their prices vary too.

Wood worktops can give your home a wonderful warm touch but they are generally outlasted by stone worktops. So, when you install a stone surface, it can last you a lifetime whereas wood worktops could need replacing sooner rather than later. Given the high humidity levels in your bathroom, you might want to avoid any wood fixtures altogether.

Laminate is another option and it tends to look rather appealing while carrying a cheaper price tag. Like wood, these worktops are not all that durable and will need replacing after a few years. Consider how much time you spend in your kitchen in order to make the right choice in worktops. The same can be said for your bathroom. More often than not, investing a larger amount once can prove cheaper than having to replace your worktops every few years. Not to mention the inconvenience!