What makes granite so popular for worktops?

Just like all things in life, we see
interior design and décor trends come and go. Then there are the few
exceptions to the rule. Some design aspects become popular but do not
fade away. In fact, when it comes to granite worktops, they only
become increasingly popular. If you are wondering why granite has
remained so popular after all this time, there are a number of
excellent reasons.

Firstly, granite does cost more than
some other types of worktops. This is because they are that much more
durable. You don’t have to worry about water damage, for
example.Granite can withstand greater temperatures than many other
surfaces. That said, it’s always worth protecting them by never
placing a hot pot or pan directly on the surface. Granite is so tough
that it is not only used for worktops. It’s also a popular type of
flooring. If this stone can handle regular traffic, it can surely
handle regular meal preparation.

Granite is available in various colours
and they each have their own unique pattern. This is one of the main
alluring features of granite. The fact that it is naturally formed
means that no two slabs are identical.

Thanks to advances in technology,
granite has become far more affordable than before. Of course, it is
still considered a luxury because of the elegance it brings to the
room. Not only will your kitchen or bathroom be more pleasant and
appealing but it will also add real value to your home. You can
certainly expect a return on your investment.