Stone versus wood worktops

There are a number of options when it comes to worktops and many people find themselves struggling to choose between wood and stone. Understanding the pros and cons of each option is essential for making the right choice.

About wood worktops

  • Compared to other materials, wood is fairly cheap.

  • Wood is easy to work with and easy to manipulate according to your needs.

  • Wood can be re-sanded and re-oiled as needed.

  • You will enjoy a warm and natural look.

  • On the down side, wood requires a significant amount of maintenance.

  • Wood needs to be re-sealed every month at least and, in many cases, it needs sanding too.

  • Wood stains easily.

  • The area around the sink often ends up with water damage.

  • Wood is not particularly heat resistant and is easily marked.

About stone worktops

  • Stone is durable and designed to last.

  • It is more resistant to heat than other materials.

  • Stone does not require frequent maintenance other than keeping it clean.

  • You can achieve any look you want with the right stone.

  • Natural stone gives your home a unique attraction.

  • Stone usually costs more than other materials but, considering the durability, it can more than
    pay off in the end.

  • Stone requires proper sealing.

  • Stone can be cracked if it is struck by significant force.

When making your choice, it’s important to think about your immediate and long-term needs. Consider the importance of quality and how important it is to give your home that unique touch.