Removing Hard Water Stains from Granite

Natural stone is not only an attractive addition to your home but also a valuable investment. Natural stone like granite is durable, elegant, and will last more than a lifetime provided it is properly cared for. This means that you need to clean the stone surface properly on a regular basis, avoid harsh chemicals, and seal the surface periodically.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you try to protect your worktops from various stains, it’s often the seemingly harmless substance that can take you by surprise. Hard water stains might not be as obvious as red wine stains but they can tarnish the appearance of your work surface.

Some people recommend cleaning the area with regular water, drying with paper towels and then using a very fine steel wool to remove the hard water residue. The circular motions you use and even a minimal amount of pressure can get rid of the stain. However, it could also result in scratching and an uneven finish. If you want to play it safe, it’s usually best to call a professional. Particularly if your natural stone worktops are polished. Any kind of scrubbing or use of an abrasive sponge will remove the fine finish and leave an even more obvious mark.

If you are unsure about calling an expert, you might find it helpful to ask your natural stone supplier for their advice. Since they are in the industry, they will know several experts in the area and will be able to refer you.