What to look for in a kitchen worktop

We spend more time in our kitchens
than we do in most of the other rooms in our homes. Not only do we use
this space as a communal and entertainment area when guests arrive,
but we also use it regularly for meal preparation. Therefore, your
kitchen does not only need to look great, but it also needs to serve
its practical purpose. The right worktops play an important role in
both of these aspects.

First things first, when looking for a
kitchen worktop, you need something that will prove durable. The last
thing anyone wants is for their worktop to warp or become damaged
after just a few years. It should be an investment that can handle
the demands of daily use.

Another important factor is heat
resistance. Some materials are more resistant to heat than others.
That said, this is more of a safety measure rather than a feature
that you will use. In other words, if something hot touches your
stone worktop, you can pick it up quickly without worrying about
permanent damage. If you want to set a hot pot or pan to rest on your
worktop, however, it should always be placed on a heat mat or wooden
block. No matter what the worktop is made of, prolonged exposure to
extreme heat will take its toll.

Since you work with a variety of
ingredients in your kitchen, it’s not uncommon for spills to occur.
Many ingredients, like wine and tomatoes, can leave a stain. Stone is
the superior product when it comes to stain resistance and these
surfaces can also be sealed for added protection.

Finally, while you want to enjoy many
hours of cooking pleasure in your kitchen, you don’t want surfaces
that are high maintenance. Your worktops should, therefore, be easy
to clean and keep clean. This is yet another area where stone excels.
All you need is a damp cloth to wipe these surfaces down and clean up
any spills.

As you can see, natural stone satisfies
all of these needs and, as a bonus, they look amazing too! When you
install stone worktops, you will not only be choosing the most
practical solution, but also the most elegant one too.