Stone for your bathroom floors and walls

When you think about using stone to
decorate your bathroom, you might imagine luxurious granite or marble
worktops. It’s important, however, to understand that natural stone
is not only great for work surfaces. You can also add stone to other
parts of your bathroom.

Firstly, your floors take a lot of
punishment every day. Your bathroom is not only visited by everyone
in your household, but your guests too. So, you need to make sure
that you invest in a durable floor that will also look great. To
solve these two problems – choose high quality natural stone.

Secondly, when having a bath or shower,
you are bound to splash those walls. Which is why stone is often used
around these areas. The stone will help keep the wall itself dry
while also making your bathroom look amazing!

Remember, stone is an investment but it
is one that will last. It is also ideal for those who want to
maintain a hygienic environment. Stone surfaces are easy to clean and
they will add value to your bathroom as well as your home in general.