Give your natural stone worktops the care they deserve

Once you have invested in natural stone
worktops, you will probably want to do everything possible to keep
them in the best possible condition. This means that you need to pay
close attention to your common cleaning habits as well as anything
that can damage these beautiful surfaces.

Firstly, it’s important to make sure
that you always use coasters and never place anything directly on the
surface.Anything you place on the worktop can leave its mark. This is
especially true when the dish is hot or dirty. Place mats and wooden
boards can be used to hold larger dishes and hot pots or pans.

Secondly, natural stone worktops will
need to be sealed as soon as they are installed and regular sealing
is just as important. Sealing helps prevent substances from
penetrating the surface which means that it helps prevent stains.
This does not mean that you can leave spills unchecked, however. You
still need to wipe them up as soon as they occur. Substances like
wine, oil, and tomato are examples of the most destructive and should
be wiped up urgently.

Never cut directly on the surface. This
should go without saying but many people still believe that stone is
tough and will not be harmed. Yes, stone is durable but it is not
immune to scratches and chips. Always use a chopping board.

Cleaning your surfaces should only be
done with warm water and mild soap or a stone safe cleaner as per the
manufacturer. You should never use harsh chemicals or abrasives. This
goes for the sponge or cloth too! Use only soft cloths or sponges and
never scrub your stone worktops.

If necessary, natural stone worktops
can also be professionally cleaned from time to time. If any damage
does occur, you can either repair the chip, crack, or scratch
yourself or you can call an expert.