Why marble tiles are superior to porcelain

Porcelain and marble are both commonly
used in homes throughout the world. These two materials are very
different and it’s important to understand the benefits as well as
the limitations in order to make an informed decision.

The main difference is that marble is a
natural stone while porcelain is manufactured. Because it is
manufactured, there are plenty of designs. Some of which even
resemble wood! That said, the one thing that porcelain tiles cannot
replicate the beauty of marble.

Porcelain is
often considered to be easier to care for than marble. Marble
requires more specific care once it is installed in order to maintain
it’s beautiful appearance. When you choose marble, you will need to
confirm the kinds of cleaning solutions that are safe to use. Some
types of soaps can cause etching and they can even build up on the
surface. Your marble supplier will be able to recommend specific
brands and products.

advantage of marble tiles is the fact that they are far more durable
than porcelain tiles. Natural stone is known for its durability and
it is, therefore, also considered to be a financial investment. In
short, there is no substitute for natural marble. The strength,
beauty and elegance of this stone is what sets it apart from any
other type of tile.