Natural stone accent walls for your bathroom

Natural stone can be used in so many
different ways throughout your home. From floors to worktops, stone
is excellent when it comes to completely transforming a space. What
some people might not know is that stone can also be used to create
the most beautiful accent walls in your bathroom.

When you want to create an accent wall
in the bath, there are a few tips you will need to remember. Firstly,
you should stick to neutral colours such as beige, grey, cream, or
black. Yes, even black can be used to transform your bathroom.
Provided you do not use black on all of the walls in the room, it
will have an amazing and dramatic effect. If you want to add colour
to the room, you can always do so by adding colourful towels, rugs,
and other accessories.

Sometimes you can split up the stone
accents can also create a bold statement. It’s particularly
attractive if you do not have a large wall in your bath but you still
want your bathroom to make a statement.

Don’t be afraid of considering
different finishes and textures. Even the most subtle pattern or
design can have an amazing effect on the room as a whole.