Are the drawbacks of natural stone worktops really a problem?

When you start exploring your kitchen or bathroom countertop options, you are bound to be faced with several choices. The benefits of one type of surface may not be the same as those of a different one and it can be tough to decide when you want the best of both worlds.

Many people take one look at the price of natural stone countertops and wonder if it really is worth it. Is it really a good idea to spend so much on one aspect of one room in your home when you have other projects that need attention? Well, as many experts will agree, if you spend money now, you can save even more later! Anything other than natural stone will require replacement in a much shorter period of time.

What about maintenance? Is it too difficult to maintain? Well, yes and no. All countertops require some kind of maintenance and cleaning. If you choose the right colour and pattern, you won’t need to worry about every tiny fingerprint or the slightest bit of dust. Black and very dark surfaces show dust immediately so keep this in mind. Stainless steel might sound simple and clean but it can easily become scratched and you will notice even the smallest imperfection. Stone requires gentle cleaning and you will usually need to reseal on a regular basis. Other than that, it’s really not much trouble to maintain.

Natural stone can improve the look of any room while increasing the value of your home. All things considered, if you’re looking for an upgrade or a durable work surface, natural stone really is your best bet.