When do stone worktops need replacing?

When choosing the perfect worktop for your kitchen, it’s not the kind of decision that should be made overnight. Natural stone worktops vary in price depending on the type of stone and its quality. When considering costs of worktops, it’s important to understand that investing today means saving tomorrow.

If you invest in a more durable option, it will most likely cost you more than less durable varieties. That said, with the right care, your high end stone work tops can last a lifetime and beyond! In other words, if you take proper care of them and follow all the relevant care instructions, you will never need to replace your stone worktops!

If, however, you neglect to reseal your worktops or you place a hot pot directly on your worktop, you could end up with a stain. Some stains can be professionally removed but, if not, you might need to replace at least a portion of your worktop.

Chips and scratches can also be repaired fairly easily but if the crack runs too deep, you will have to call in a professional to get the job done. Special equipment is needed to drill holes and secure screws to hold the worktops in place. If stability cannot be regained in this manner, you should look into replacing your stone worktops.

In general, stone worktops should not need replacing for a good number of years. This is what makes them such an amazing investment!