The cost of quartz worktops

If it’s time to remodel your kitchen and you’re considering installing quartz worktops, then you are most likely curious about the cost. Whenever undertaking any such project, it’s important to consider both price and the durability of the product you’re contemplating buying.

When shopping around for a quote, you should make sure that you receive a detailed one with no hidden costs. Materials and labour should be listed separately. You might be tempted to save a few bucks on the installation by doing it yourself but, considering the amount of effort involved, it’s often best getting the pros to do it for you. It’s also safer having experts install your quartz worktops since they have all of the necessary equipment and experience. Should any damage occur, they will be liable.

Other key points to look out for on a quote include any areas that need to be cut out like the holes for sinks and fixtures, seam joining and edge fabrication. You might be offered several options in terms of the finish so take your time when deciding what works best for your kitchen design and your budget.

Not all quartz slabs are made equal and, as the quality of the slab increases, so too does the price. Beware of sales representatives who try to sell on the spot and force you into making a quick decision. Always get at least 3 different quotes and remember that quartz worktops might cost more today but they can last you a lifetime! Essentially, this means that they will end up paying for themselves by serving a practical purpose, aesthetic purpose and increasing the value of your home.