How well does quartz handle the heat?

As the saying goes – if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. While this saying does not directly refer to your kitchen, it’s certainly something to keep in mind when choosing your kitchen worktops. Quartz is a popular type of surface but many people wonder if it can handle the high demands and temperatures of the kitchen.

The first thing to know about quartz is that it is an engineered surface. It consists of natural quartz and resin for that flawless look coupled with amazing strength. The quartz itself can handle fairly high temperatures but it’s the resin that is not quite as heat resistant. So, when you take a pot or pan of the stove and place it
directly on your quartz surface, you could end up with damaged worktops. The unsightly mark left behind will remain no matter how hard you work to clean the area. Which is why prevention is better than cure! Avoid placing hot items on your quartz worktops and, if you must, make sure to use a hot pad or something that will offer sufficient protection against the heat.

So, while quartz will not technically break due to high temperatures, you will sacrifice its impeccable beauty and that flawless finish by exposing this surface to extreme heat. When removing items from the oven, you can place them on the stove if it is not in use. Alternatively, you should have a special space reserved for the dish and the hot pad or thick wooden block should be large enough to offer sufficient support.