What is quartz?

Quartz is one of the most readily available types of stone. It has been used for various purposes from jewellery to worktops. Quartz is also available in various colours which makes it that much more attractive for homeowners around the world.

Quartz is found naturally in the earth’s crust and you can find amounts of quartz in other solid stone masses like sandstone and granite. Quartz is formed underground at an angle as the liquid solution drips and eventually becomes a solid crystal.

Quartz worktops are made up of natural quartz blended with a resin to create an even stronger bond. This combination makes it possible to enjoy the beauty of quartz in your kitchen and bathroom with added peace of mind. These tough worktops are as durable as they are beautiful and they will add exceptional value to your home.

With all of these advantages in mind, it’s important to note that quartz is not completely immune to damage. Direct cutting on the surface or prolonged exposure to intense heat can leave the surface scratched, chipped, or stained. Similarly, stains can take hold if spills are not cleaned up right away. Consider asking your quartz worktop supplier about sealing the surface after installation and make sure that you reseal regularly to protect that perfect finish.