What is granite?

Choosing the perfect type of natural stone for your kitchen worktops, bathroom worktops, or any other part of your home can present several challenges. It’s not just about finding the right product at the right price but also considering the benefits and drawbacks of each type of surface. Granite is one of the most popular of all and, once you learn more about this stone, it’s easy to see why.

Granite is known as an igneous rock and their colour varieties usually include some form of pink or gray. Its density is the key to its strength and, since it has proven so durable over the years, this particular natural stone has enjoyed increased popularity in homes around the world.

Another advantage of choosing granite is the fact that the rocks that are mined are usually huge. This means that it’s possible to order large slabs rather than several smaller slabs. One large slab means that you will enjoy a perfect finish without any joins. Of course, this does make for a somewhat trickier installation since a large slab will weigh significantly more than smaller ones.

Although granite is extremely tough, professionals agree that it’s never a good idea to place hot items directly on this kind of surface. You should also avoid cutting without the proper chopping board or you will end up with dull knives and possibly scratched worktops. Periodic sealing helps prevent stains from setting in and keeps your worktops looking newer for longer.