Disadvantages of wooden worktops in the bathroom

When you browse the web for bathroom designs or even page through a home décor magazine, you are bound to notice a number of wood finishes and styles that incorporate this natural aspect. Wood is beautiful, there’s no doubt about it but, how long will it stay that way?

Wood suits various parts of the home such as living rooms and bedrooms. Even entrance halls can include wooden features. In places like bathrooms, however, wood is not particular the best option. While it will make your guests feel right at home and it will make for a warmer environment, there are some disadvantages to consider.

Firstly, if you install wooden worktops in your bathroom, you will need to treat the wood so that it is not easily affected by water and humidity. Even you don’t spill water on the surface, wood will naturally attract and absorb water from the air that surrounds it. Once water penetrates the wood, you’re in for a number of nasty surprises like wood swelling and even mould.

Eventually, your wooden worktops will either be an eyesore or a health hazard and require replacing. Before you do so, consider the alternative – natural stone! Natural stone worktops are perfect for bathrooms since they will not swell or house mildew. They too need to be sealed in order to prevent stains but stone lasts much longer than wood and you can enjoy a clean, sanitary environment where it matters most.