Can you give natural stone worktops a new finish?

Natural stone worktops are often a top choice for homeowners because they are stylish and they are also known for being more durable than any other kitchen or bathroom work surface. Wood is easily penetrated by water and bacteria while steel is quick to develop scratches. That said, despite its durability, natural stone worktops can also become damaged after time. Scratches, stains, and other surface damage can occur no matter how careful you think you are.

When your worktops become so damaged that they no longer look as wonderful as they did when they were installed, it could be time to have them refinished. To get rid of surface scratches, you will need to polish and buff. Stains will also need to be polished out. They cannot be cleaned using harsh substances like bleach. In fact, harsh chemicals will only make it worse. Depending on how deep the scratches and stains are, you will need to continue polishing until you achieve the desired results. You might need to clean and check your work from time to time. Polishing stone requires the use of water and specific compounds so make sure that you ask a professional before you begin work.

Once you have managed to repair the damage, make sure that you clean the surface completely and apply a sealant. If you have the necessary tools and polishing products, you can perform this task yourself. If you are not all that confident in your DIY skills or if you don’t have the right tools, you should contact a reputable professional.