How to repair damage to slate worktops

Slate is one of the least porous of all natural stones. It is highly durable but, let’s face it, nothing is immune to the odd scratch, chip or stain. If your slate worktops have gotten damaged for whatever reason, here as some important repair tips:

Ask about a special non-abrasive cream to apply to the area. These creams are specifically designed to help buff out stains. If this doesn’t do the trick, there are also other powders and solvents that might work better depending on the stain itself. Just make sure that it is suitable for use on slate.

If a piece chips off, you can apply a suitable glue to secure the piece of slate back in place. If you cannot find the chipped off pieces, you can use a coloured wax to fill the hole. In both cases, you will need to clean the area properly and apply a top coat to make sure that it has the same finish as the rest of the worktop.

Scratches or etching
Minor scratches can be polished out with special creams. However, because slate is so hard, you might need to use a somewhat more abrasive compound. Finish off with a polish to create a uniform appearance.

As with any stone worktop, if the damage is extensive, you should call in the professionals in order to avoid making them worse. In some cases, pieces of metal need to be precisely inserted into the damaged stone in order to restore its strength and stability. This is an extremely delicate job and should only be done by an expert.