Stone worktops – more than just a colour choice

When selecting a new work surface for
your kitchen or bathroom, your first thought might be about design
and colour. First impressions are important and we begin our
decision-making process by considering colour and style. While these
are important, there are also other aspects that will prove

The type of material you choose is
extremely important since you will need to choose one to suit the
room and your needs. For example, the stone you use in your kitchen
needs to be durable and resistant to stains and other damage that
commonly occurs when cooking. In wet and humid environments, you need
a stone surface that is not too porous or at least one that is sealed
so that it doesn’t absorb all that water.

Now it’s time to think about the
durability factor. Some types of stone are naturally more durable
than others. Even if you are extremely careful, accidents can happen.
Which means that it’s better to invest in a tough stone than opt for
a softer one.

The texture or finish that you choose
will also have a lasting impact. A glossy finish is a good choice for
many different colours. A matte finish, on the other hand, should
only be used when you select lighter colours. When you have a very
dark or black stone worktop, the polished finish can make
fingerprints and smudges show up immediately.