Protect Your Worktops During a Dinner Party

If you are planning on hosting a dinner party during the holidays, it is important that you make sure your granite worktops are properly protected. Here are some essential tips to ensure that your worktops don’t suffer any damage in the process.


Before the holidays, it is certainly worth cleaning and sealing your granite worktops. Make sure that the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned before applying a quality sealant. This will help prevent liquids from penetrating the surface of the stone.

Quick clean up

Keep cloths and towels on hand so that you are prepared in the event of a spill. The last thing you want is to waste valuable time hunting for a cloth to use to absorb a spill.

Hot pads

Use hot pads towels to protect your worktops from prolonged exposure to heat. If you plan on serving food along a buffet-type setting, you should make sure that these food heaters do not have direct contact with the surface below.

Cutting boards

Keep cutting boards readily available for cutting and to avoid chopping directly on the granite surface. Not only will cutting on the stone dull your knives, but it will also scratch the stone.

Final clean up

Once your guests leave, you should remove everything from your worktops and give them a thorough clean. This will also give you the opportunity to inspect them for any signs of damage.

If damage does occur despite your best efforts, you should call a professional. Not only do they have the knowledge and experience required to perform the necessary repairs, but they also have specialised tools that ensure a flawless result.