Natural versus manufactured stone worktops

The main dilemma that many homeowners experience is making the choice between natural and manufactured stone coutertops. Both have certain advantages and disadvantages. By choosing the right worktops, you can make cheap countertops look more classy and expensive countertops will look even better too.

In terms of natural stone options, the most popular choices include granite, limestone, marble, soapstone, and slate. Granite being one of the most popular of all. Manmade options include corian, cultured marble, concrete, and quartz. Corian has a really plastic appearance and doesn’t really come close to resembling natural stone so, for most people, it is out of the picture from the get go. The same can be said for cultured marble. It looks really artificial which defies the point. Concrete might sound tough but it takes a lot of work to maintain and there are many instances where these surfaces crack and suffer damage after a short period of time. Quartz is probably the only real option in terms of manmade stone and, although it is manufactured, it is composed of mostly natural products and a small amount of resin.

Natural stone is usually more expensive than manmade options but it also offers homeowners several great advantages. Natural stone is known to be more durable and many will prove to be lower maintenance than most manmade varieties. While manmade stone conforms to set designs and patterns, you will find great variety in your unique worktops. Your kitchen or bathroom will be one of a kind with natural stone worktops!