Important things to remember about quartz worktops

When it comes to choosing new worktops
for your home, it’s not a decision you will want to make in a hurry.
There are a number of excellent options out there and, by
understanding the pros and cons of each option, you can make an
informed decision.

Quartz is one of the most popular of
all stone worktops in households today. While stones like granite and
marble are mined straight from the earth where as quartz is
engineered. Ground quartz is combined with pigments as well as resins
in order to give the worktops their superb appearance and strength.

One of the main differences that
results from the use of resin is the fact that quartz is not porous
like other types of natural stone. It’s always good to check with
your supplier but most, if not all, agree that there is no need to
seal these worktops thanks to the resin. Another benefit is the fact
that these worktops are known for their colour consistency which
helps create a uniformed design rather than one with unpredictable

Quartz is also available in a wider
number of colours which gives you far more flexibility in terms of
your design and colour scheme. They are also great for cleaner cuts
and seams which gives your worktops an even more perfect appearance.