Stone samples to help you decide

Choosing the right stone surfaces for your home is not always easy. Even if you think that you know what you want at first, this can quickly change once you start browsing and comparing products. Shopping for stone worktops online can also be a bit tricky since you might not know what the surface will look like next to your existing or future décor and furniture. The good news is that you can order samples to help you decide.

When you order stone samples, you can then take a look at each of them and place them beside your walls, furniture and compare different options to see which one suits your preferences the best. You can also get a feel for different types of stone.

It is important to note, however, that veining patterns usually differ between samples and your actual order. This is because most types of stone are not man made and they are, in fact, a product of nature. So, when it comes to stone samples, remember that slight colour and veining variations may occur. It is also a good idea to place your entire stone order at once rather than trying to replace your worktops bit by bit. This is due to the differences in colour and veining. If you order the same product in the same colour but they come from different batches, the difference can be quite noticeable. Especially when placed beside one another.

If you are still shopping around for cabinets and you have your heart set on a particular stone worktop, then you can take the sample around with you to compare to the various cabinets. It can also help you choose the perfect flooring for the room if you are performing a full renovation from top to bottom. Remember to order several samples that you can compare instead of ordering one by one. Create a list of the products that interest you and ask for some professional help before completing your request for samples. In many cases, your local stone expert will have a few very interesting suggestions that you may not have thought of.