Natural stone for the perfect tables

When you think of natural stone surfaces, you most likely imagine the most elegant kitchen worktops, durable stone flooring and a more hygienic bathroom. Natural stone such as granite, marble and quartz are even more versatile than most people think. This is why so many people are choosing natural stone tabletops too.

In general, when shopping for a dining room table, you will come across designs made from wood, glass or even different types of plastic or composite materials. While these are popular options, they simply do not offer the durability and elegance of natural stone. If you are planning on installing a table as a permanent fixture in the room, it’s worth considering using a material that is tougher than anything else on the market.

The key to success with stone tables is to make sure that they have a solid foundation. So, unlike the legs on your average wooden table, you will need sturdy supports. The larger the table, the larger the supports. You could even create a table that somewhat resembles a kitchen island. The key is to remember to leave enough space for your legs under the table. You don’t want to have to lean forward just to reach your plate each time.

It’s also worth remembering that the space beneath these tables is not lost. Since you need to install larger and more sturdy supports or legs, you can make the most of this by doubling them up as storage space. You can keep tablecloths, your finer crockery and cutlery inside here so that it is all separate from your regular dinnerware.

This sort of table is great for all types of dining rooms but, if you have an open plan kitchen, it’s even better! It will help carry the luxury from your kitchen to the dining area. You can use the same stone as you have chosen for your kitchen worktops or you can choose something completely different. The choice is all yours.