How to look after your slate worktops

Slate is truly one of the most beautiful of all natural stones and, as such, home owners wish to preserve this beauty for as long as possible. Since it is a natural stone, it is important to take note of its natural properties and what it can handle versus what it can’t.

The first thing to remember before having your slate worktops installed is that they need to be set on a sturdy foundation. If you fail to do this, your slate surfaces will eventually crack. Contrary to this point of vulnerability, slate is more heat resistant than many other natural stones and it does not need to be sealed (unless you want that glossy look).

Just like any other natural stone, you should avoid using abrasive or harsh cleaning chemicals. Ask your slate supplier for some names of cleaning products that they recommend. Use a soft cloth and avoid scrubbing. If you spill something on your slate worktops, you should clean it up immediately or it might leave a stain (depending on the substance spilled).

Although slate is known for being quite tough, you should not cut or chop food directly on your worktops. Use a chopping board to avoid scratching and chipping away at that beautiful slate.

Avoid leaving objects that may leave rust marks or bottles of chemicals (cleaning detergents) on your slate countertops. The better you care for your slate surfaces, the longer they will last and they will more than earn their keep.