Stylish black kitchen designs

The colour black has long been seen as stylish and elegant. There is something timeless and classic about black designs that make any kitchen look that much better. Black has always been a popular design staple in many homes but some changes can be noted over the past few years.

The one main difference when comparing black kitchens from years ago to those of today is the gloss versus natural look. In the past, it was all about shiny and glossy surfaces. However, many people have come to realise that these surfaces can be difficult to maintain since they show every tiny fingerprint and speck of dust or dirt. Matt varieties, on the other hand, are easier to maintain and they have a far more natural look.

Homeowners are also more attracted to the natural appearance of surfaces with a matt finish. In fact, it can even be noted that many choose matt black cabinets, matt black natural stone worktops, and finish it off with a lighter coloured flooring with the same matt finish.

For those who don’t mind the extra effort of regularly shining their worktops, a more glossy stone surface is beautifully complimented by silver or chrome fixtures like your appliances and even cabinet handles.