Slate vs Granite for Kitchen Worktops

Slate and granite are both very popular options for kitchen worktops and other places in the home. Their elegance and durability is what makes them worth the price tag attached. That said, if you are struggling to decide between these two natural stones, here are some of the main difference to consider.

If colour is important to you, then you might be more inclined to choose granite. Slate is generally only available in various shades of gray or black while granite may have hints of blue, red and subtle hints of black and brown.

Due to the porous nature of granite, it requires sealing in order to prevent stains. You also might need to reseal it from time to time and you should take extra special care when cleaning (avoid harsh chemicals and anything abrasive). Slate is non-porous which means that it does not require sealing.

Both granite and slate are fairly resistant to heat but granite is tougher in terms of scratch and chip resistance. The brittle nature of slate means that it can chip a lot easier than granite. All the same, it is always a good idea to use a chopping block no matter what surface you choose for your kitchen worktops.

As for cost, there are some types of granite that will cost about the same as certain types of slate. Depending on the origin and type of granite, however, its cost can be exponentially greater than that of even the most expensive type of slate. Prices are often indicative of quality and the rarity of that particular stone.