How to remove granite kitchen countertops without breaking them

Due to the nature of granite, kitchen countertops made from this material are designed to last you a lifetime. As a result, removing them without breaking them can be tricky. That said, it’s not completely impossible but it will take time and care.

The first thing you need to do, after clearing your countertops, is to remove the backsplash. This is because it will obstruct the removal of the granite countertops and make it that much more difficult to remove them in tact.

You will also need to remove any fixtures like faucets, sinks and so on. Up until this point you can do it all on your own if need be. For the next step, however, you will need a few people to help you. Place pry bars under the countertops at the corners of the cabinets. Since granite does not bend in any way, you each need to apply equal pressure at the same time in order to lift the granite from the cabinets.

Once you notice the countertop begin to loosen, you can add more pry bars in between for more even weight distribution. Gently tap the bars further under with a hammer but take care not to strike the granite. Use a sabre saw to cut through any screws holding the granite in place and get plenty of help to lift and remove your granite countertop fully intact.

Remember to have a place ready to put it when you’re done and take care not to knock it on wall or other hard surfaces along the way. You can then reuse your granite wherever you like.