Quartz countertop colours for your bathroom

Quartz is a fine stone worktop to install in various parts of your home, including your bathroom. It is durable, elegant, and available in a wide variety of colours. When it comes to remodelling your bathroom, you might be wondering which colour will work best.

One of the most popular colour schemes for a bathroom is white. White makes a small space look bigger and it also has that hygienic “feel”. If most of the features in your bathroom are white, you can choose between light and dark shades because white is a basic colour that looks good with anything!

White quartz is available with or without patterns. Some have a pure white appearance while others lean towards grey or off-white. All of which are perfectly acceptable depending on the style you hope to achieve.

If you want to create more of a contrast, then darker countertops are the way to go. Black, charcoal, and brown are all lovely options. Just make sure that this colour is repeated somewhere else in your bathroom like your toilet seat or other fixtures. The same can be said for other bold colours like green, red, burgundy, magenta, and turquoise. While you want your countertops to stand out, you also want them to fit in with their surroundings. You can do this by choosing the right guest towels, curtains, blinds, and bathroom mat to help the style come together perfectly.