Disadvantages of steel worktops

If you have ever seen a professional kitchen, you probably noticed that they have chosen stainless steel worktops. They are known for being easy to clean and they can be effectively disinfected which is essential in any professional cooking environment. That said, while they are great in commercial use, they are not necessarily the best for your home.

Steel worktops are prone to scratches. It won’t take long for your perfect surfaces to suffer some kind of damage. Even the finest scratches are clearly visible and this affects the overall look of your kitchen. Steel is also known to be cold – in more ways than one! It is a physically cold surface which might sound great in the summer but not so much in the winter! It’s also really cold looking and, instead of making your kitchen a warm and welcoming place, it will appear more sterile than anything else.

These worktops can also be quite noisy. When you set something like a board, bowl, or knife down, it will make quite a noise. Other types of worktops don’t share this problem since any kind of metal is automatically noisier than natural stone.

Finally, stainless steel won’t increase the value of your home whereas natural stone will. If you are looking to make a serious investment that will pay for itself over time and increase your home value, then natural stone is the way to go.