Countertop colours to make your white kitchen stand out

While functionality is important in any kitchen, many homeowners also look for fixtures and furniture that will add class and style. Choosing a colour scheme is, therefore, high on the list of things to consider when planning to remodel. White is a popular colour for kitchen cabinets and appliances, which is why it is usually chosen as the base colour. If you choose white, there are several options when it comes to choosing a colour for your countertops.

Just because your cabinets are white does not mean that you need to avoid white worktops. On the contrary, white worktops can look wonderfully elegant and hygienic when accompanied by white furniture. If you are looking for a strong colour contrast, on the other hand, you will be best off fitting black or dark grey worktops. The added bonus of darker worktops is that they are that much more resistant to stains.

While you might not want to install wood worktops throughout your kitchen, it doesn’t hurt to use wood for your centre isle or install a butcher’s block. This natural touch adds warmth and contrast to your kitchen. Another alternative is to install beige countertops. This is not always the most popular option but it is great for those who want a clean look without that sharp white appearance.