Natural stone bar tops

Having your own bar at home is not only practical, but it’s also stylish. It’s an excellent addition to any home – particularly if you enjoy entertaining guests. After planning the size and style of your bar, it’s time to decide what kind or top you want. Natural stone will set your bar apart from the rest and, whether you opt for granite or marble, it’s important to install durable bar cabinets.

If you choose granite for your bar, you will enjoy one of the most durable natural stones of all. This stone is easy to maintain and it will hold up really well when it comes to wear and tear. Granite is available in various colours and amazing natural patterns. This stone will need to be sealed after installation and regular sealing will help prevent damage and stains. A sealed surface is also easier to clean since you need only wipe the dirt away.

Marble is another popular option and it is used in various parts of the home due to its luxurious appeal. Marble does have a somewhat more elegant appearance when compared with other types of stone. It also requires a bit more care because it is more porous and a bit more delicate. Just like granite regular sealing is highly recommended and the surface should be cleaned regularly with plain water or a cleaner suited for use on marble.

No matter the type of stone you choose, remember to never let bottles or glasses rest directly on the bar top. You could end up with unsightly rings here and there. Use coasters and clean up any spills right away. If you do notice any stains, the stone surface can be polished down until the stain is no longer visible or at least not as visible as it was.