Flush-mount Hobs and Stone Worktops

In today’s world, homeowners are not just looking for practical solutions, but stylish ones at that. In other words, when choosing between two identical appliances for example, the consumer usually chooses the more visually appealing one. Flush-mounted or flush-fitted hobs have become increasingly popular. If you are considering a flush-mounted hob for you kitchen, keep these points in mind.

What benefits to expect from a flush-mounted hob?

As the name suggests, these worktops are fitted in such a way that they are perfectly level with the surrounding worktops. There is no denying the fact that the finished result will look fantastic. Remember, flush-fitted hobs are not only available in electric and induction varieties. There are gas models available too. After the installation is complete, your kitchen will look sleek and gorgeous. You will not need to worry about an unsightly hob and your visitors will know that you have gone to the effort of planning your kitchen and investing in the best solutions.

How much will a flush-mounted hob cost?

When it comes to any type of stone worktop, the price will depend on several factors. One of these factors is the amount of work involved. So, the more polishing and routing out required, the higher the price. A shallow track needs to be created in order to accommodate a low profile hob flange which is a delicate and time-consuming project. Hence, if you want this feature, it is bound to cost extra.

What about expansion and contraction?

As is a well-known fact of science, heat makes objects expand while the cold makes them contract. The same is true for your hob. If your hob is flush-mounted, you will need to leave a gap to allow for this expansion. Of course, this means sealing the gap with silicone so that dirt doesn’t sneak inside. In some cases, this can be rather unsightly. Over time, even the silicone can become grubby which means that it will need to be removed and replaced with fresh silicone.

So, while there is nothing particularly wrong with flush-mounted hobs, they are not necessarily the ideal choice if you are on a set budget or if you don’t like the idea of silicone-filled gaps. They do look sleek and modern which is why many people still choose this option. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference.