Alternatives to granite worktops

When homeowners think about natural worktops, it’s quite common to instantly picture that perfect granite surface. There are, however, a number of other great natural stone alternatives if, for whatever reason, you’re not all that keen on granite.

Marble is a sophisticated and stylish alternative that will always add amazing class to any room. It is more porous than granite which means that you will need to seal it regularly and take extra special care of this surface. Marble also tends to fetch a more competitive price.

Soapstone is another alternative with is stunning veining and the added advantage of it being low maintenance. Quartz has the beauty of nature along with a bit of help from man. These worktops are very durable and are easy to care for. They do tend to cost a bit more than marble, though.

Other alternatives, like stainless steel, tiles, or laminate worktops might sound like a quick and cheap solution but it’s important to understand that they will not hold up nearly as well as any natural stone surface. One of the biggest reasons for homeowners seeking an alternative to granite is the supposed limits in terms of variety. Remember, granite is not just available in that popular grey tone. There are lighter and darker tones with various types of veining so you can always find something to suit the style of your home.