Matching your kitchen worktops with your cabinets and floor

Renovating an existing kitchen or building a new kitchen involves a great deal of planning. It’s not just about budget, but also style. The cabinets, floor, and worktops are the three main focal points of any kitchen and it’s important that they are properly matched in order to create the best possible result.

When choosing colours, you should select 2 dominant colours along with an accent colour. If you choose dark worktops, you can use light cabinets, and the floors should have dark and light colours. The floor will bring everything together while the worktop and cabinet colours contrast.

Start by choosing your worktops and keep a sample of the colour and pattern with you when you shop for cabinets and floors. Compare several colour options and put all three side by side so that you can get a feel for the final effect.

Finally, once you’ve decided on your three main focal features, you should choose your accents and fixtures. Not only should your fixtures compliment the design but they should also be functional and useful. Don’t underestimate the powerful role the backsplash plays in complimenting the décor and colour scheme. It’s also important to decorate according to the size of the room. Smaller kitchens are best decorate using mostly light colours with some dark touches here and there. The opposite is true for large kitchens.