Stone versus Ceramic Tile

When choosing the flooring for your home, you will come across several options. Many homeowners find it difficult to decide between stone and ceramic tile. There is no right or wrong answer. However, it is important to understand what each of these options will offer you and your home.


Natural stone is usually more porous than glazed ceramic tiles. Unglazed ceramic tiles are just as porous as natural stone so there is no real comparison there. Natural stone can be sealed on a regular basis to prevent water from penetrating the surface and stains from taking hold.


Glazed ceramic tiles can be cleaned using just about any type of cleaning substance since you do not need to worry about the chemicals penetrating and damaging the tile. Natural stone can suffer damage if acidic solutions are used as well as abrasives. Special stone cleaning solutions should be used to keep your floors looking perfect.


Baking ceramic tiles helps make them harder and tougher. Glazing also reduces the risk of scratches. Natural stone, however, is usually considered even more durable when it comes to traffic. This depends largely on the type of stone installed and the quality of the stone.


There is no comparison when it comes to stone and ceramic tiles. Natural stone has a unique colour and veining pattern that makes it a clear favourite in this regard. Ceramic tiles are made according to a particular design which means that your floors will not be unique.

While ceramic tiles are easier to maintain and usually quite affordable, many homeowners see natural stone as a true investment. These floors are far more elegant and luxurious. They also help increase the value of the property and they will give any room a truly unique design. A little extra effort with regards to sealing and cleaning is certainly worthwhile when you see just how these floors can transform any space.